Special Multifamily Program


Fico:  Typically 650+                  Apply Now

The lender does work with credit challenged borrowers as long as the credit issues have been resolved and the story makes sense!

Loan Terms:                         25-30 year amortizations. 3, 5, 7, and 10 fixed options

Loan Size:                             $300K to $30M

Max LTV:                               Up to 75%

Debt Service Ratio:             1.25+

Interest Rate:                       4.00%+

Property Types:               Apply Now

Stabilized MF properties 5+ units







Mobile home parks

Student & senior housing (without an assisted living component)

Pre-Payment Penalty:

Step Down Prepay

Flat Prepay

Yield Maintenance

Typically step-down prepayment penalties during the fixed rate portion of the loan.

Use of Funds:  Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance           Apply Now


Coastal Southern California, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Seattle, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Denver, Portland, NY Metro, New Jersey, Miami, San Antonio, Austin


Work with Foreign nationals as well but at a lower LTV. Non-recourse loans are offered at a 50% LTV. No Seasoning on properties income! This means the property could recently be producing stabilized income and the lender will lend off of that- they do not require the property has been producing that income for 1-2 years in order to lend!


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