Nationwide Blanket Program


Fico:                     Apply Now

Recourse options:

680 fico = max 75% LTV.

670 fico = max 70% LTV.

660 fico = 65% LTV.

Non-Recourse options:

Min. credit score is 620 for US citizens.

LTV for Non-recourse will be based on overall credit/loan profile.

All loans to foreign nationals are considered non-recourse.

Credit: Full tri-merge credit report. No Bk’s or foreclosures in past 2 yrs.  Apply Now

Loan Terms: 30 Years Am. 5 & 10 year fixed rate options.  Apply Now

Loan Size: $300k to $50M  Apply Now

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Max LTV: Up to 75% on stabilized, leased properties (for foreign nationals & US Citizens). See details about Fico above.

Min DSCR: 1.15% ** Interest only available at 70% LTV and below, 670 score needed  Apply Now

Interest Rate: 5-7% for Fixed Period  Apply Now

Property Types: SFR, duplex, triplex, 4-unit, townhouse, MF 5-20 units.  Apply Now

Min Property Values:

$50k for 75% LTV,

$40k- $49.9k limited to 50% LTV,

Multi-Family $30k per unit.

If min property values are under this they cannot be included into the loan.

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Pre-Payment Penalty:

Term: 5-year-term, Yield Maintenance or Step Down: 5-4-3-2-1 (25bps rate add-on).

Term: 10-year-term, Yield Maintenance or Step Down: 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (25bps rate add-on).

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Seasoning: After 90 days of ownership this program will lend off full appraised value. Apply Now

Occupancy: 10 or more doors = 90%. 5-9 doors = 80%. Multi-unit properties= 85% Apply Now

Use of Funds: Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance  Apply Now

Territory: Nationwide Except for North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska & Hawaii  Apply Now

Lender Processing Fee: 0  Apply Now

Special:  Apply Now

  • Cannot lend on manufactured housing.
  • Work with foreign nationals.
  • The release of an individual property will be permitted upon prepayment by the borrower of 115% of the allocated loan amount tied to the specific property.
  • Section 8 housing allowed.
  • The loan is assumable with lender approval with a fee of 10k or 1% of loan balance (whichever is higher).
  • No income verification for loans under 2 million.
  • Substitution clause – the borrower could sub out up to 20% of the portfolio with similar properties (same value or better and same rent or better) without incurring the prepayment penalty  –  now for this option, you add .25 to the 5yr term or .15 to the rate on the 10yr option.
  • Required Loan Docs:
    •  Executive Summary,
    • Data Tape,
    • PFS,
    • Loan application,
    • past two years tax returns on deals above 2 million (personal and business if applicable),
    • Leases on all properties,
    • Pictures of property,
    • Tri-merge credit report,
    • all corporate docs on new LLC that will be formed.

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