High Leverage Non-Recourse Loans


Large Non-Recourse Bridge/Construction Loans w/ High Leverage!


The lender is not fico driven but any fico challenges need to make sense.

Loan Terms:   

  1-3 years, interest only. Can sometimes go longer than 3 years

Loan Size:          

$5-75 million. The sweet spot is 15-40 Million


75% LTV on a bridge loan. Sometimes the lender can go higher as well.   The lender will fund 100% of the construction as well

Interest Rate:                        Libor plus 5.0%-7.0%

Property Types:                    Most commercial properties

Pre-Payment Penalty: 

No PPP. Lender sometimes charges 1 point as an exit fee

Use of Funds:                       Purchase & Refinance

Origination Fee:                   1 point to the lender


Lower 48 States, FYI the lender favors the SW & NW in the United States.  The Lender also lends in the major cities in Canada.

Closing Time:                       2-3 weeks


This lender focuses on value-add bridge loans. These are NON RECOURSE loans! Lender likes when the property has multiple tenants.


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