Bank Rates and Cash Out

Fico:   Apply Now

  Typically 650+

The lender does work with credit challenged borrowers as long as the credit issues have been resolved and the story makes sense!  

Loan Terms:  Apply Now

25-30 year amortizations. 3, 5, 7, and 10 fixed options

Loan Size:  Apply Now

$300K to $30M

Max LTV:  Apply Now

Up to 75%

Debt Service Ratio:   Apply Now


Interest Rate:   Apply Now


Property Types:   Apply Now

Stabilized Multi-Family properties (Non-Owner Occupied):  1 -4, 5+ units, mixed-use, retail, industrial, office, self-storage, warehouse, mobile home parks, student & senior housing (without an assisted living component).

Pre-Payment Penalty:   Apply Now

Step Down Prepay, Flat Prepay, and Yield Maintenance. Typically step-down prepayment penalties during the fixed rate portion of the loan.

Use of Funds:   Apply Now

Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance

Territory:    Apply Now

 All 50 States.  However, favoritism has been shown to the below areas.

Coastal Southern California, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Seattle, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Denver, Portland, NY Metro, New Jersey, Miami, San Antonio, Austin

Special:   Apply Now

I will analyze Foreign Nationals as well but at a lower LTV.  Non-recourse loans are offered at a 50% LTV. No Seasoning on properties income! This means the property could recently be producing stabilized income and the lender will lend off of that- they do not require that the property has been producing that income for 1-2 years in order to lend!