30 Year Fully Fixed Program

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Fico: 630 +

Loan Terms: Up to 30 years AM. and fully fixed!

Loan Size: $45K – no max loan amount!

Max LTV: 75% domestic borrowers, 70% foreign nationals.

Debt Service Ratio: 1.3

Interest Rate: 6.50%-8.85%

Property Types:

Only 1-4 unit investment properties. The property must be on less than 2 acres of land.

Pre-Payment Penalty: 5%

for a fixed period which is 5 years, then step down, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%

Use of Funds: Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance

Asset verification:

2 months seasoning on assets (bank statements)


12 months seasoning on properties

Lending Territory:  Nationwide, No Population Requirements

Certain Origination/Underwriting Restrictions Apply to these States MT, NV, ID, AZ, HI, ND, SD, AR, NY, VT & ME.

Minimum Property Size: 700 square feet

Lender Fee: 2% of the loan amount or $3,500 min.

Closing Time Frame: 30 business days

Appraisal Cost: $450-$600 per property

Special:  All loans must close in a corporate entity.

Can be used as a portfolio/blanket loan as long as all properties are in the same state. Secondary financing is not permitted.


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