What is 2-K-it?



A cashiers check for $500.00 dollars!                       

Plus you can get                                   

Another check for $1,500.00 dollars


L and L Collaborations will do the following;


1. If you bring information to us that leads to L and L Collaborations purchasing that specific property, L and L Collaborations will give you $500.


2. If L and L Collaborations re-sells that SAME property within 12 months of the closing date of our purchase, L and L Collaborations will give you an additional $1500.00.  No Strings attached!!!  To get started, just find a property and fill out the info below.  We will contact you to get you started. 

If you are not sure what to look for, just browse these web pages.  They will show you what we are looking for.


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THIS could be your story!

Every morning you jog past an eyesore of a house just down from your place and would probably think to yourself, I wish the owners would clean it up.  You tell your spouse or friend about it and he/she asks you why don’t you just 2-K-it?     He sends you the link he had from an ad on Facebook, and it told you what information you needed to get them, then off you go.  I mean, what do you have to lose, right?  Just take a few pics with your phone and ask the neighbors if they know who owns it.

Once you have what you need, go back to the web page and fill out the form and soon Lee or Leah will call you and say that they are one of the “L’s” in L and L, and they want to meet up with you to give you a cashiers check for $500.00 dollars.  If you still think it’s really weird, then tell them to e-mail it to you.  LOL…  A couple days after that you will get an e-mail with a link to collect your money.  Click on it, and BAM…  You just got PAID… $500.00 dollars!  O.M.G.  RIGHT?!!!

Wait!  There’s more!  You watched the house get worked on during your morning runs, and they did the yard also.  It looks really nice.  Later on you noticed a moving truck and wouldn’t you know it, Lee calls you again.  He thanked me for the lead and he said they sold the house and has another check for $1,500.00 dollars.  This time you want to meet  L  and L, the people who keep on giving you money.

you meet up at the food court in the mall near where you work.  Lee and Leah tell you about themselves and what they do.  Then they tell you the story about that house.   It turned out an elderly couple passed away a few years ago and their kids owned the house.  You totally understood why they haven’t sold it yet, because your best friend’s Uncle died and left his house too her.  She grew up in the house and it’s still too hard for her to even go into the house without crying. you went with her once and it was awful.  So now you called your best friend and asked her what she thought about someone coming in and taking care of her Uncle’s house, for her and you tell her your sitting with the Lee and Leah as your speaking to her… and they are the ones who had cleaned up that eyesore house in there neighboorhood.  She said she would talk to them and you give Lee your phone.

Now the best part!!!  You just made $2,000.00 dollars for what you thought was a joke or scam, and If Lee and Leah buy your best friends Uncle’s house…  you will get another $500.00 dollars.    Then you take a vacation and you had better bring your BFF.