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Because we are such a small firm, we are able to provide a personal level of service unseen since the 1970’s Door – to – Door encyclopedia salesman working the neighboorhood to put food on the family’s table.  These days, we add the 20 years of high-level technology skills our staff has as a complement to the collaboration process and we “Get The Deal Closed!”  

We supply the tools for those who; need to sell fast, investors looking to grow their real estate investment portfolios, and the Developer who has lost their funding source or is ready to collaborate with us on a new project.  This is why L and L Collaborations is quickly rising in the ranks as a serious collaborator in the real estate industry.  From property development, financing, and investing services we have value-added assets ready and waiting to support a vast array of needs.

L and L Collaborations was formed because one of the principles wanted to teach others how to help people get out of tough real estate situations, like a homeowner in a neighboorhood who requests our help in rehabbing an abandoned house, apartment, or commercial building which has become a property value drag, and a local eyesore in their community.   L and L Collaborations  focuses on doing things right the first time, like buying your unwanted house, apartment building, or commercial building.  Then we work with others in the area to rehab the eyesore and get new owners in.

Here are some of the projects we have worked on, or will entertain as future collaboration ventures;

Stabilized MF properties 5+ units, mixed-use, retail, Industrial, Office, Self-storage, Warehouse, Mobile home parks, Student & senior housing (without an assisted living component)multi-family 1-4 units, Apartment Community Development, single family Rehab acquisitions, and bank REO’s.  We protect property owners by walking them through the sales process quickly if they need to sell fast or they just can’t sell the traditional route through a real estate agent.


, The Capital Region, New York City or Boston Metro/Suburbs, fixer upper housesGreat Fixer Upper Property Deals for Local Investors

We also come across so many distressed single family properties throughout all 50 states that we had to ignore those outside of , due to lack of manpower.   Because of our new relationships in the market and our love of this business, those ignored properties are now being handled by our partners throughout the country.  Last year we would see many properties at substantial discounts. Many people call these properties fixer uppers or “handyman specials”.   These properties are drying up quickly.  However because of our very effective marketing programs, we’re still able to get investment property deals that most other investors never even hear about, and we pass those savings along to our investor buyers on our VIP Property Deals list.  Today we have added apartment and commercial buildings to our list of desired deals.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us in investment, apartment and commercial properties at steep discounts (both single family and multi-family)… whether you plan to buy and hold as a rental property or fix the property up and resell it… We ask you to Register yourself or your entity today to get an email when we secure new properties that fit what and where you’re looking for.

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Need To Sell Your House Fast? We Buy Houses In And Around your area and Throughout your State. See How…

We buy houses for cash on a daily basis and have the ability to close quickly… as quickly as 7 days if you need us to  At L and L Collaborations, we are a serious wholesale cash buyer that pays you a fair purchase price, requires no appraisals, no traditional lender-required repairs, and we charge NO FEES. We are looking to buy all types of property in any condition in your area.

If you are looking to sell your home quickly, we would like the opportunity to make you a fair offer on your house. We can have an offer in your hands within 72 hours.  Give us a try by clicking the link below.

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  real estate firmLooking To Participate In The Real Estate Market? See How We Can Help You Earn Solid Returns…

Being one of the best private investment firms around, we run across a lot of great investment property deals. Our Registered Members get first access to the investment properties for sale in your area before we list them on our website.

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Also, we work with qualified local investors who want to leverage real estate to help you diversify your portfolio and earn solid returns. From buying rental properties from us to collaborating with us on real estate projects, to debt investors looking for a consistent return… we give you these options if you have the interest.


If you’re interested in learning more about ways we can work together don’t hesitate to contact us today.